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Adventures in children's music

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting.

Firstly, I’ll introduce myself. Then I’ll tell you a little about the blog.

I’ve spent much of the last ten or so years writing, performing, recording, listening to, reading about, thinking about and writing about music made for children. This includes albums and gigs with my band Johnny and the Raindrops, a PhD thesis on records made for children ('Spinning the Child', to be published by Routledge), academic papers, conference presentations, commissioned song writing, composition for a five-school production of 'The Tempest', and much more.

My professional background includes nearly two decades as a music lecturer teaching Higher Education in Further Education institutions in the East Midlands, a major label record deal with BritPop band Soda in the 1990s, songwriting, singing and playing with other bands, and working as the music coach on the Joy Division biopic Control.

The main aim of the blog is to express some of my fascination with music made for children. Music played such a huge part in my enjoyment of the TV and radio shows of my youth. Having the opportunity to return to the music of Bagpuss, The Muppet Show, and Junior Choice has renewed my interest and critical appreciation of this much overlooked area of music. The opening page of my PhD thesis Spinning the Child expands on this theme.

This blog aims, among other things, to document and comment upon songs, records, singles, albums, theme tunes, and film songs that have been recorded, released and distributed commercially. It looks at the reasons why those songs were made for children, and what the adult creators were hoping to communicate to children. Many of the recordings were not made exclusively for an audience of children, or even for children at all, but have come to be associated with them. I’m interested in how that connection has been forged.

My final aim is to stimulate conversation and discussion about records made for children. Feel free to get in touch with your thoughts, ideas, questions, and requests.

All the best, Liam


Spinning the Child





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